Changing Places

Stone Boats and Inflatable Lives


10 sculpted marble figures

10 sculpted stone boats

10 graphite drawings


Stone Boats and Inflatable Lives gives voice to the fact that we are not better if we denigrate anyone or anything that has a different perspective than our own. Rather, without unwarranted fear, we are connected through a radiant, kinetic frequency.


The unnecessary judgmental division of people by sexism, gender, race, ethnic, and sexual orientation, minimize and deflate human dignity. This separation is called de-humanization. 


Globally refugees are forced to flee from extreme violence in an illusionary vessel made for water that does not float.

Humans naturally migrate; one unnaturally becomes a refugee.


These sculptures and drawings form an Installation piece featured in 10 cities.


da Vinci's Teeter Totter

Inspired by finding balance in one's self and relationships.

granite, marble

Variations available on commission