Kimberlain has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions at venues such as:

Femina Potens Gallery (San Francisco, CA)


Cabrillo College (Aptos, CA),


The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE)


The Sioux City Art Center (Sioux City, Iowa) 


Blue Moon Gallery (Bali, Indonesia)


Libreri a Spazio Libre (Sicily, Italy)


The Museum of Nebraska Art (Kearney, NE)


She is the recipient of awards and grants from numerous organizations including the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Kimberlain has also worked extensively as a designer, writer, and performer in experimental theatre, most notably for the internationally acclaimed Omaha Magic Theatre,and the archives of her work with this non-profit are housed in the special collections of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. The

artist divides her time between the United States and Indonesia.

Sora Kimberain stone sculptor artist at work

M i n i m a l  D i a l o g u e

My desire to work with the minimal elements of line, surface and form have taken my pieces in a new direction.

I work from a maquette or purely from how I'm informed by the initial shape of the marble as it was quarried.

Moving through the complexities of the material and get to an essence of design simplicity, challenges me. Part of the challenge with this minimal dialogue and consideration of light and angles, is to still bring a sense of passion and elegance to the forefront.

outdoor marble stone sculpture
outdoor marble stone sculpture
outdoor marble stone sculpture

F i g u r a t i v e l y  S u g g e s t i v e

The human form inspires me through it's musculature, light and movement.  These pieces are figuratively suggestive though remain abstract in execution.   Working with the strong physical presence of marble and it's ruggedness I feel the long history of formation.  This creates challenges, rewards, and emotions I enjoy.  The tools I use with my hands help me transform my vision of this rugged material into the passion of sensual form I see.